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Dr. Oz is NO Diet Authority!

Dr. Oz is NO Diet Authority!

In a world inundated with nutrition information, and much more misinformation, people are likely to fall victim to diet scams by purchasing products with unproven health claims or even products that are unsafe for human consumption!  This is a reality, but would you expect a television physician to be the one promoting these miracle fad diets?  On Tuesday, June 17th Dr. Mehmet Oz, a TV icon who is also a cardiothoracic surgeon and teaching professor at Columbia University, appeared before US senators for a scolding for using his powerful media platform to essentially endorse diet scams.  I know that I am not the only one exclaiming the word FINALLY upon reading about this trending topic on twitter, Facebook and from media outlets.



Nevertheless, it is now more evident than ever that Dr. Oz has been making a living, or should I say creating an extremely lucrative empire from promoting diet scams. He has touted products as “miracle fat burners”, “magic weight loss cures” and “body fat busting” – all to sell products that do not have real scientific evidence behind them.  With the rising prevalence of overweight and obesity, he certainly has a vulnerable market of hopeful people searching for (and willing to buy) the newest “miracle cure”.  However, instead of exploiting the hopefulness and trust of the public, why not provide real, scientifically-proven recommendations to give hope and inspiration?  The public could benefit from scientifically-based, trust-worthy health information along with unique and innovative ideas for healthy eating.  I feel saddened that Dr. Oz has completely missed the opportunity to empower and support the public in living and eating healthy because this simple message is obviously not as profitable as endorsing diet gimmicks to generate ratings!


Despite a lack of scientific evidence, Dr. Oz has touted products as “magic weight loss cures”. Click To Tweet


My hope is that the public will become more skeptical about “miracle pills” and not fall victim to these wacky diet products which are big business and do not deliver results.  Also, remember that Dr. Oz has demonstrated that he cares more about having a sensational show with high ratings than about keeping public trust, professional integrity and public health as top priority.  Last, we need to demand research to support recommendations without following them unquestionably.   And Dr. Oz if you are reading this, please take ownership for your actions and apologize to the public for misleading them with false hope and non-credible research.  Now let’s get back to the wonderful world of science and evidence-based medicine please!


Dr. Oz cares more about his show than about professional integrity and public health. Click To Tweet


  • Holly

    very good analysis of the effect Dr.Oz’s words have on so many viewers. Hopefully we will see a change!

  • Douglas

    Refreshing opinion piece here. Enjoyed it. Dr. Oz has confused many people with his decisions……good for critical thinking reminder too. Thanks Andrea, really enjoy your blog

  • Ken PA

    The key phase here is Evidence Based Medicine, which basically means recommendations should be based on scientific evaluation of the benefits and harms. It is a fundamental principle of medical practice and allied health professions. A Physician in a public forum violating the Evidence Based Medicine principles is extremely disappointing.

  • I have only watch Dr. Oz once and I was really turned off by his “medical advice” and I am so glad this has happened.

  • dieteticdirections

    Thank you all for reading and commenting! Great points were shared.

  • Sarah

    When he used to appear on Oprah’s show as a guest and bring all of his human body medical specimens, I really enjoyed the information he shared. However, since he started his own show, he has become a quack! All of the props and games and displays he uses on his show are more suitable for pre-school children than adults who have a brain in their head. He has such a strong focus on dieting and the latest gimmick to try. I really expect more from a doctor than hyped up promotion of the latest fad diet. This next part is a bit off topic from your article however a while back, he did a show where the cameras followed him while he went through a colonoscopy. It was interesting until he had to add some drama to the whole procedure by calling his results “his brush with death” when he learned he had a polyp, something routinely found during this procedure that is simply removed and typically does not develop any further when no other symptoms are present. To further add more drama, he called his wife to solemnly tell her the “big news” and that they would have to “tell the children”. While I couldn’t hear what she said, it sounded like her response was something like “alright, and can you pick up some milk on the way home?” I think that was the turning point for me and in that instant, he lost all credibility. I don’t know how he reels in his largely female audience so they can sit through his side-show antics all for the sake of ratings.

    • Andrea D’Ambrosio, RD

      Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing your extremely entertaining view on the infamous Oz! I certainly agree with you and thank you for reading 🙂

  • dieteticdirections

    Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing your extremely entertaining view on the infamous Oz! I certainly agree with you and thank you for reading 😀

  • Thanks to my father who stated to me concerning this web site, this web site is in fact amazing.

    • Andrea D’Ambrosio, RD

      Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoy the site 🙂