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Is "Healthy-ish" the newest food trend?

Is “Healthy-ish” the Newest Food Trend?

So far in 2016, the trend of eating “healthy-ish” has been gaining some serious momentum. The January issue of Bon Appetit spotlighted “healthy-ish” eating and a PBS documentary with writer Michael Pollan (who also uses this term) has been getting attention. What does “healthy-ish” mean?  What are the benefits of eating this way? I spoke with CBC radio personality Jason Osler on the topic (listen here) and he also did a writeup on our discussion for CBC news.   What is “Healthy-ish”? “Delicious comforting home cooking that just happens to be kinda good for you” (Bon Appetit, Jan 2016). Urban Dictionary: When something is sort of healthy.   Example of “Healthy-ish”: When you cook at...

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Stop the nutrition misinformation now!

Spot Nutrition Misinformation NOW!

  Let’s face it, people are more fascinated by nutrition than ever before.  After all, we are increasingly aware how our eating habits impact our health. However, in light of this increased nutrition appreciation, consumers are now faced with an over-abundance of information. There are more self-proclaimed “experts,” superfoods and miracle pills then ever before! All clamouring for your attention (and your money). If you want to be able to spot misinformation, you will need to know what questions to ask before shelling out your hard earned money! To help consumers distinguish fact from fiction, Dietitians of Canada has come up with five tips to spot misinformation. Tip #1: Is it...

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Salad Showdown: Comparing Nutrition

Salad Showdown: Comparing the Nutrition!

Are you a salad enthusiast? I hope so, and if not, I anticipate you will be very soon!  After all, salad greens are awesome! They are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium, folate, etc.  Furthermore, adding a salad to your meal(s) is a quick and easy way to increase your veggie intake since we know we are not getting enough!   Today's blog inspiration came about after being reminded about the widespread demonization of foods. Who’s the newest food victim? Move over gluten, our newest target is none other than our dear friend the salad!   In a recent article published in the National...

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The Bone Broth Myth

I’d like to give a big welcome for my first out-of-province guest blogger, Vincci Tsui! Vincci is based in Calgary and I was drawn to her after seeing several of her media appearances on Breakfast Television. I admire Vincci for her simplicity in breaking down the science and de-bunking many nutrition myths! Today she will be de-bunking the bone broth myth. I’ve learned that bone broth is slowly (but steadily) becoming a thing. Fuelled equal parts by the Paleo movement and Kobe Bryant, bone broth is becoming so popular that Brodo, a takeout window that doles out hot cups of broth, recently opened in New York! What makes bone...

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Restaurant Labeling Laws Are Changing!

It is with great satisfaction that I announce that the Ontario government passed the Making Healthier Choices Act, which will require eateries with 20 or more establishments to post caloric information on their menus! In my opinion, this is a step in the right direction to enable consumers to make informed food choices. Today we will review what will change on the menus, how this could benefit you and when this law will come into force. DID YOU KNOW? According to a 2011 Ipsos Reid study, approximately 95 per cent of Ontarians support requiring fast food restaurants to list nutrition information on their menus.   [bctt tweet="DYK 95% of Ontarians...

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Should Juice be banned from the Food Guide?

Last week, the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) published an article entitled “Food Guide under Fire at Obesity Summit”.  One of the main issues was how fruit juice (125mL) is counted towards a fruit and vegetable serving on the Food Guide.  With this logic, having a couple cups of juice daily could help you reach your daily requirements.  The worry is that consumers are given the false impression that fruit juice is as healthy as a piece of fruit!  This is not the case.  In fact, one glass of juice can provide above the daily limit of sugar provided by World Health Organization and Heart and Stroke Foundation.   [bctt...

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It’s #NutritionMonth: Eating 9 to 5!

Is it easy for you to make healthy choices during the typical 9-5 working hours? Take a second and really think about this question. The reality is that 45% of Canadians say that eating healthy meals and snacks while at work is challenging (Employment and Social Development Canada, 2014).  This is understandable seeing that we are faced with numerous challenges.  We are rushed in the mornings, faced with commuter cravings, often over-worked causing us to miss meals, and tempted by food-filled meetings and celebratory treats.  Many of my clients also find it a struggle to overcome the mid-day slump where their energy level drops yet their cravings...

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Starbucks Holiday Beverages, Exposed!

Season’s Greetings, would you like to try one of our festive coffees?  This is what I imagine the wonderful woman at Starbucks saying to me; instead, she knows that I generally go with the same boring blend.  If you tend to stick with your usual brew, do you ever wonder if you are missing out on a delicious, decadent festive treat?  Or are you certain that you are simply dodging the unnecessary sugar, fat and calories wrapped in a red snowflake cup? Today let’s take a closer look at three festive coffees in the 2014 Christmas lineup.  I will end off with giving you three “healthier” alternatives.   Nutrition for Starbucks Christmas...

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Fall Throwdown: Sweet Potatoes vs. Yams

Sweet potatoes and yams- are they the same?  This great question is not uncommon to overhear two people deliberating.  I have over-heard this exact conversation amongst colleagues in the lunchroom, on television and even in the yoga change room! So today, let’s discuss the difference between sweet potatoes and yams. This way, next time you are asked or over-hearing this common casual conversation, you can jump right in and contribute!     Grocery Store Shopping: Are Sweet Potatoes and Yams the Same? In most Canadian grocery stores the short answer is yes.  Sweet potatoes have traditionally (and wrongfully) been referred to as “yams”, which has lead to consumer confusion.  Therefore, in grocery...

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