Love Lupini Beans! {Power Snacking}

Love Lupini Beans

Love Lupini Beans! {Power Snacking}

Have you tried lupini beans? If not, you need to try this protein, fibre and vitamin-rich nutritional powerhouse.

My first time trying lupini beans dates back to when I was eight-years-old visiting my nonno and nonna. I remember my entire family sitting around the table when my nonno brought out a small dish of these strange-looking yellow beans. He proudly demonstrated how to bite off the little white end and squeeze the bean out. The lupini beans were crunchy, nutty-tasting and even a little slippery, which made popping them out of the shell all the more exciting!

Lupini beans originated in the Mediterranean region and in Latin America. They are members of the “legume family”, which refers to the fruit or seed of a plant. The most well known legumes include: peas, beans and peanuts. Since 2016 is the International Year of Pulses, this is a perfect time to enjoy beans since they are environmentally friendly and promote heart health and disease prevention.


Nutrition Content (1 cup lupini beans)

NutrientAmount (%DV)*Body Function
Calories (kcal)200Energy for daily activities and maintain focus.
Protein (grams)26Excellent protein source; aids in cell and tissue growth, repair and supports immune function.
Fibre (grams)4.6 (18% DV)Promotes feeling of fullness, supports weight management. Supports cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and aids in blood sugar control.
folate (micrograms )98 (25% DV)Helps prevent anemia by keeping red blood cells healthy. Supports heart and blood vessel functioning. Prevents against neural tube defects.
Magnesium (milligrams)90 (22%)Protects against heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and stroke.
Thiamin (milligrams)0.22 (20%)Supports carbohydrate and fat metabolism to provide energy. Maintains nervous system functioning.
Zinc (milligrams)2.3 (29%)Promotes immune function, and aid in reproductive health and regulation of gene activity.

*DV= Percentage daily value: Based on the daily recommended intake.

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Grocery Aisle

Where to buy?

Purchase lupini beans at your local grocery store in the same aisle as the other beans or possibly in the ethnic section. You can also find them in specialty Italian grocery stores. I buy them canned and simply rinse the brine off before serving. A can usually costs $0.99 to $1.99. You can also buy them dried and boil them.

How to Incorporate into your Diet?

My favourite way to eat lupini beans is as a power snack; they keep you feeling full for longer because of the high fibre and protein content. You can also enjoy lupini beans as part of your meal as a vegetarian protein alternative. Lupini beans are also suitable for those on a gluten free diet. However, it is recommended that those with a peanut allergy avoid lupini beans since they might trigger a reaction.

Bottom Line:

If you haven’t tried lupini beans, give them a go! Pack them for a snack and you’ll be boosting your heart-healthy vitamins and minerals and keeping your hunger in check. Thank you nonno for the food introduction!