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  • Andrea D’Ambrosio
    Andrea D’AmbrosioM.A.N., Registered Dietitian

    As owner of Dietetic Directions, Andrea has the mission to inspire you through motivation and guidance to achieve life-long health behaviour changes. Read more >>


    • "I wanted to see a registered dietitian to make sure I was on the right track in my efforts to lower my cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  With so much information (and misinformation) out there, it was great to be able to discuss my specific questions/concerns, and receive accurate, current, professional advice.  I found my session with Andrea to be very informative and reassuring, and I appreciated her concrete, practical suggestions."

      Pat, Waterloo
    • "I have had the pleasure and satisfaction consulting with Andrea. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and her directives are thoughtful and clear. Taking the time to listen to and probe my story, she set me on the right path to better health, physiologically and mentally, for which I am grateful."

      Melanie, Waterloo
    • "When I initially started seeing Andrea, she patiently listened to all of my IBS symptoms and the troubles. I was prepared to try anything! Andrea coached me through following a completely new diet, providing me with resources, tips how to manage and thrive.  For anyone suffering with IBS- I would highly recommend calling Andrea- it changed my whole life."

      Melissa, Guelph
    • "I am a mother of two young boys and I went to see Andrea to ensure I was meeting all their nutritional needs.  Andrea was highly knowledgeable and informative.  She offered many helpful ideas to introduce healthier options into my children's diets.  I am now confident that I can provide healthy and balanced meals for the whole family!"

      Dora, Waterloo
    • "I cannot thank Andrea enough for her guidance and support over these past 2 months. The encouragement Andrea gave at each appointment made me feel like I had my own expert cheering section. I did not expect that I would lose the amount of weight I have (and continue to lose), by making some simple (yet powerful) changes to my diet. Even more than the recipes she shared, it was the nutritional education that has helped my family to make better food choices, because we understand WHAT we should be eating, WHEN to eat it and HOW MUCH.  I truly appreciate her expertise and would highly recommend Andrea’s services to anyone ready and interested in making their life healthier."

      Gwen, Waterloo
    • "I've enjoyed Andrea's guidance on how important it is to be on a proper diet and exercise program when dealing with Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure. Andrea provided very helpful advice on types of food to eat, combining certain foods and adding natural ingredients to recipes. I was definitely motivated to get my eating and exercise program in order. I would definitely recommend having Andrea's expertise as a dietitian."

      Dianne, Waterloo
    • "I had the pleasure of having several very informative sessions with Andrea. She immediately puts you at ease and listens to your concerns and questions. Her analysis of food labelling was eye-opening and I put this knowledge to work every time I shop for food! Andrea provided me with the tools I need to evaluate my eating patterns & how to improve them. Her encouragement and professionalism is very appreciated and I look forward to meeting with her again to gauge my progress."

      Natalie Hayden, Waterloo


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