Set “Y.O.U.R” Perfect New Years Resolution

Set Y.O.U.R Perfect New Years Resolution

Set “Y.O.U.R” Perfect New Years Resolution

Is New Years a time to run and hide from goal setting? If you are like me, you are likely reflecting on the past twelve months: the lessons learned, experiences had and the amazing people encountered. However, it is also a time where your critical self whispers, “you could have done this better” or “ you should really start doing this next year”. What are you to do? What is the best way to set resolutions that will leave you feeling happier, healthier and most importantly, likely to keep up the change?

This year, instead of succumbing to “all or nothing” goal setting, focus your 2016 pledge on goals that boost your mental and physical wellness. This way, your chosen habits will nourish your body and your soul.

For example, if you want to get more physically active, think about what activity you truly enjoy (eg. cycling, snow-shoeing, belly dancing, walking, aerial yoga). Then think about what benefits this activity will bring (eg. boost in energy, peace of mind, decrease in stress/anxiety, lower blood pressure). For me, doing yoga helps me relaxand quiets my busy mind. I have come up with a class frequency that is manageable and I am able to keep my motivation because I seek my wellness goal of feeling centered and peaceful.

What would you like to accomplish in 2016? Here’s my formula to set Y.O.U.R goals with intention and love.




Set Y.O.U.R. New Years Resolutions:

Y – You are the focus of the goal: What do you want to accomplish or feel? It is imperative that you place your needs as top priority. You will also need to schedule in a designated amount of time in your schedule to work towards your goal. Start with a small amount of time and you can always increase.


O – Outcomes of your goals are the consequence of action repeated over time. Be sure to highlight outcomes that are focused internally, like feeling increase in energy from working out, or having a boost in energy from packing a nutritionally balanced snack during the afternoon slump.


U- Understand that lasting changes are kept when there is self-love and self-compassion. You are only human and you do not need to be perfect. Grant yourself grace to be imperfect.


R – Reward yourself with gratitude, self-appreciation, scheduling in fun activities or downtime to rest and rejuvenate.

Pro tip: when setting new years resolutions make sure to highlight outcomes that are focused internally, like feeling increase in energy from working out! Click To Tweet

Here’s an Example: Y.O.U.R. Brown Bag Lunch Resolution:


Y – I would like to start packing my lunch Mondays, Wednesday and Thursday each week. To make this goal a priority, I will set aside 15-20 minutes after dinner to pack my lunch for the next day. I will brainstorm lunch ideas that are enjoyable.


O- When I am able to bring my lunch for three days a week I will feel more energy because I am eating less processed foods that always make me sluggish. This change will also save me money. I will also be able to include more wholesome foods that will help with lowering my blood pressure.


U – I understand that making change takes time and commitment. If I miss a day of packing my lunch, I will forgive and not judge myself. Nobody is “perfect”.


R- I will put a special note in my phone calendar each time I pack lunch. I reward myself by praising myself for packing a lunch, by packing foods that I love and even picking up new containers after a month of lunch packing.




Bottom Line:

New Years resolutions do not need to be a time to run and hide from goal setting. Instead, set Y.O.U.R New Years Resolution in a way that prioritizes your health and wellness. In our hectic lifestyle, it is easy to neglect our own needs but by making wellness a priority, when life gets hectic, you will still have time set aside to take care of yourself.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016; may you achieve wellness through goals that are enjoyable, realistic and rooted in self-love.