Dietitians are Using Social Media!

Dietitians are Using Social Media!

As a dietitian new to her private practice, I am only now beginning to appreciate the POWER social media has in reaching clients and staying connected. It really is a glorious thing! Many health professionals are now accessible through different forms of media whether that be Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn.

As the Internet continues to reinstate itself as a simple and quick way to access information, things like newspapers, magazines and traditional patient pamphlets are quickly becoming almost archaic ways of communicating. However, with this surge of available health information, consumers often complain of the difficulty in finding CREDIBLE and TRUSTWORTHY sources. That’s where I think dietitians should step forward and be there for the public by utilizing these social media platforms!

So you may be wondering what is the benefit to you in ‘liking’ a professional Facebook page or ‘following’ a dietitian on Twitter? Well, these online communities are truly designed with you (the consumer/patient/client) in mind! These platforms are kept up-to-date with the latest, greatest healthy eating tips, media news deciphered and new recipe ideas. What’s more, this constant stream of food information is trustworthy, evidence-based and courtesy of your friendly RD ☺

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Bottom Line: I look forward to connecting in the ‘virtual’ world and keeping you up-to-date on everything nutrition!