Healthy ‘Popped Quinoa’ Yogurt Parfait

Healthy ‘Popped Quinoa’ Yogurt Parfait

I was so intrigued when two fellow dietitians, mentors and friends of mine at GetReal Gurls Nutrition ( introduced me to popped quinoa.   I never knew you could pop quinoa similar to popcorn!

Popped quinoa is a crunchy, nutty flavoured health food.   It is beautifully versatile so that you can incorporate this fibre packed, vitamin and protein rich seed into your diet!

How to make Popped Quinoa!~

1. Heat a saucepan on medium heat until it is warm

2. Add one tablespoon of quinoa when the pan is warm. You will know when the pan temperature is right when the quinoa starts popping

3. Add just enough quinoa to line the bottom of the sauce pan (only one layer of quinoa)
*Caution: Because quinoa is so small, it will burn very easily!
4. Quinoa will start popping so you will need to put a cover on top and lift the pan off the element and shake it like you would with popcorn
5. Place pan back on heat and you will start to smell toasted quinoa and the colour will darken slightly
6. Remove from element and transfer to a bowl
To make ‘Healthy Popped Quinoa Yogurt Parfait’ simply add popped quinoa to yogurt and enjoy with added raisins, sunflower seeds or fresh fruits. Let your imagination guide you.  Popped quinoa is also an excellent addition to hot cereal, salads or consumed by itself.  Enjoy popping!