Do we Burn more Calories in the Summer vs. Winter?

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Do we Burn more Calories in the Summer vs. Winter?

Contrary to popular belief, our bodies burn slightly more calories adapting to cold temperatures than we do adapting to warm weather. When our bodies produce heat, we burn extra energy aka extra calories. Therefore, in cold environments, our body adapts quickly by stimulating smooth muscle contractions (i.e., shivering) in order to generate heat. Shivering requires caloric energy to generate heat.

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Conversely, the summer heat has little effect on your resting calorie burning (aka BMR- Basal Metabolic Rate). If you find yourself sweating, this is not active calorie burning. However, if you are in heated environment for prolonged periods or running a fever this can increase your calorie burning or BMR.

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Bottom Line:

Physical activity is still one of the best ways to keep your body as an efficient calorie burning machine. It appears that BMR is increased slightly more in cold environments in order to generate body heat. Keep in mind that the difference in caloric expenditure is marginal and will vary based on the particular temperature, how long the person is in that environment and the type of clothing worn.