Starbucks Holiday Beverages, Exposed!

Starbucks Holiday Beverages, Exposed!

Season’s Greetings, would you like to try one of our festive coffees?  This is what I imagine the wonderful woman at Starbucks saying to me; instead, she knows that I generally go with the same boring blend.  If you tend to stick with your usual brew, do you ever wonder if you are missing out on a delicious, decadent festive treat?  Or are you certain that you are simply dodging the unnecessary sugar, fat and calories wrapped in a red snowflake cup?

Today let’s take a closer look at three festive coffees in the 2014 Christmas lineup.  I will end off with giving you three “healthier” alternatives.


Nutrition for Starbucks Christmas 2014 (Venti 20 oz)

Beverage Calories (kcal) Calories from fat (kcal) Saturated Fat (grams) Sugar (grams)
Eggnog Latte (2% milk) 610 250 16g (80%)* 64g (16 tsp sugar)
Peppermint Mocha 500 160 10g (50%)* 68g (17   tsp)
Gingerbread Latte 400 130 9g (45%)* 49g (12 tsp)

Note: Heart and Stroke recommends maximum of 12 tsp added sugar daily

*Percentage is based on upper limit for dietary recommendations


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“Healthier” Starbucks Beverages (Venti 20 oz):


Beverage Calories (kcal) Calories from fat (kcal) Saturated Fat (grams) Sugar (grams)
Cappuccino (non-fat milk) 110 0 0 14 (3.5 tsp sugar)
Caffe Misto (half coffee, half steamed milk with foam) 90 0 0 13 (3   tsp)
Christmas blend (bold) 12 0 0 0


Bottom Line:

It is an undeniable pleasure to enjoy a hot beverage during the winter season.  Being aware of what’s in your festive coffee will allow you to make the choice that is best for you.  Whatever you choose, remember that a seasonal treat can still fit as part of your healthy lifestyle.  This brings me to the famous quote by Oscar Wilde, “Everything in moderation, including moderation”.


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