Dietitians get Personal about what Works! {pt. 2}

Dietitians Get Personal On What Works

Dietitians get Personal about what Works! {pt. 2}

Wellness goes far beyond the foods we eat and into the habits we keep. Wellness includes the health of the body, mind and spirit. What habits do you keep to support your wellness?

Living in a busy world, making time for yourself can be a tremendous challenge; therefore, I decided to do a blog compilation of expert wellness tips. I reached out to fellow nutrition professionals for insight. The response blew me away! I am honoured to share their personal habits to inspire you to prioritize your wellness!

Today, is part two of the dietitian wellness series. This time we are focusing on body movement to support wellness.


Rosie Schwartz, Enlightened Eater, Toronto

“Working out regularly is key for me! It’s my go to activity when I need energy. It works for me much better than a nap would.”




Cara Rosenbloom, Words to Eat By, Toronto

“I love to skate. In the autumn, it’s indoor arenas. In the winter, it’s outdoors. In the spring and summer, it’s on rollerblades. In each instance, it gives me time alone to think, brainstorm, exercise and have fun doing it. It’s a quick jolt of energy before I get back to my desk job.”


Abby Langer, Abby Langer Nutrition, Toronto

“Working out is the way I keep fit and healthy – mentally and physically.  In such a crazy busy life, it’s one time that’s all mine. Even if I go for a run at 9:30pm, it’s a non-negotiable, 3-4x a week.”


Andrea Miller, RD Consulting, Whitby

“I schedule my physical activity right in my calendar- I treat it like an appointment- I do not miss it, I do not re-schedule it, I do not book over it or cancel it.  It is just as important as every other event in my calendar.  Keeping my exercise as a priority is important for my mental and physical health; it also allows me to share this method of prioritizing health, with my clients.”

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Melissa Baker, UpBeet, Vancouver  

“I make my commute to work as active as possible. Currently, I am biking to work. It gives me time to think, de-stress, gets my blood pumping, and makes me feel much more energized and happy when I get home for the day.”


Nicole Osinga, Osinga Nutrition Consulting, Courtice

“Every morning, just after I roll out of bed, I do a bit of yoga. I may only have time for 10-15 minutes that day, but I can’t start my day without a bit of downward dog and ‘namaste’. This routine allows me to get in touch with my body and breath and provides space to set intentions for the day. This is my ‘no excuses’ type of exercise – all I need is a yoga mat, a room and a few solid yoga Youtube videos!”





Sue Mah, Nutrition Solutions Inc. Toronto

“As a busy consultant and mom of two, I make fitness a priority for my overall mental and physical wellbeing. When my daughter was young, I’d drop her off at dance class and squeeze in a 5K run before picking her up. At my son’s hockey and baseball games, I stretch and strengthen with resistance bands. When work gets crazy with 12 hour days, I hit the gym at 6 am before clients can reach me. Best of all, I practice yoga for my daily dose of calm!”


Francy Pillo-Blocka, Skinny on Slim, Toronto

“I take two walks outside each day (despite the weather) and aim to get enough sleep. This routine helps me fire on all cylinders, gets my creative juices flowing and alleviates stress, leaving me more effective to take on each day!”


Kristyn Hall, Nutrition and Culinary Solutions, Calgary

“I get up early so my workout is done first thing. I equate my activity akin to brushing my teeth – it is a non-negotiable as I feel much healthier when I am active.”


Bottom Line:

Exercise affects our brain chemistry, which impacts our mood and even our thinking! Getting your body moving is one of the most effective ways to boost your mood, lower stress, improve sleep and concentration. Please note that you do not have to be a gym fanatic to see the benefits. Simply choose an activity you enjoy, that acts as an escape from your daily routine, and then prioritize it in your schedule!

Thank you to these 19 Registered Dietitians for sharing their personal health and wellness tips! In case you missed it, check out part 1, 10 dietitians share their wellness habits.