Benefits from Breakfast!

Benefit from Breakfast

Benefits from Breakfast!

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day; yet a startling 40% of Canadian children do not eat breakfast on a daily basis according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Over half of adults also frequently skip breakfast with reasons varying from: not feeling hungry, to wanting to ‘cut calories’ or simply trying to save time in the morning. Whatever the excuse, breakfast is truly a vital part of healthy living and has numerous health benefits.

Today, I will share my top 5 benefits from daily breakfast consumption. My follow-up blog will identify some balanced, nutritious breakfast ideas for morning mealtime inspiration!




Five Reasons to Eat B-fast Daily:

1. Achieve a Healthy Weight:
Breakfast eaters are at a decreased risk for becoming overweight or obese because they are less prone to overeating later in the day and in the evening. Eating breakfast jumpstarts metabolism, which naturally slows when we are asleep. Therefore, when we awaken, our metabolism needs a little encouragement (ie., breakfast) to start burning calories efficiently. Also, we are more likely to accumulate body fat when eating fewer, larger meals than we are eating small, more frequent meals.

2. Increase Productivity & Boost Brain Power!
Breakfast eating is linked to enhanced memory, thinking skills, alertness and increased attention span. This is especially important for children or adolescents in school since those who eat breakfast tend to do better academically. If you are a working adult, eating breakfast will benefit you too as it will increase your work efficacy and keep you thinking sharply.


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3. Improve Diet Overall:
Research consistently shows that people who eat breakfast have generally healthier diets. They are more likely to meet recommended servings for fruits and vegetables and overall more likely to meet daily recommended amounts for vitamins and minerals that are vital for health and longevity. Those who eat breakfast are also more likely to meet their daily fibre requirements by incorporating more hot or cold cereals, whole grain bread and pieces of fruits or berries.

4. Improve Mood:
Surely we can agree that experiencing hunger pangs is distracting and puts you in an bad mood, so wake up on the right side of the bed and fuel your body with complex carbohydrates (ie., fibre and nutrient rich foods), which provide glucose (sugar) to your brain, which makes you feel happy. Children (and adults) who miss breakfast are more likely to be irritable, restless or complain of feeling tired. So plan ahead! Another contributor to improved mood could be that those who eat breakfast are also more likely to be physically active, which is also linked to feeling good.


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5. Decrease risk of Chronic Disease:
Eating breakfast helps to stabilize your blood sugars in the morning, which helps to prevent or manage type II diabetes. Studies have also shown that those who eat breakfast are at a lower risk for heart disease and obesity.


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Bottom Line Benefits:
Breakfast has many benefits to your physical and your psychological well-being. If you want to achieve a healthy weight, experience optimal mental acuity, improve the nutritional quality of your diet, feel happy and decrease your risk for future illness then breakfast is a step in the right direction! If you are a parent remember to be a positive role model for your children and have breakfast together.