Buy in Season, this Fall Season!

Buy in season this fall season

Buy in Season, this Fall Season!

Fall is my favourite time of year! The colours are changing, the air is fresh and we can take pleasure in perusing the farmers markets, grocery store, or online grocery shopping for seasonal foods that are produced in Ontario during the fall harvest!


In my last blog, I highlighted from a Dietitian’s perspective, the top three benefits of buying local. Today, in part two, I will inspire you with my top 20 Ontario-grown, seasonal foods that are available during the fall harvest (or all year-round).


Variety for every season!

Did you know that Ontario is the proud producer of over 50 different types of fruits and vegetables along with locally produced meats (beef, pork, veal, chicken etc.), fish (trout, pickerel, perch), eggs, legumes (beans and lentils), dairy (milk and cheese), honey, maple syrup and wines?  Amazing!




Andrea’s Top 20 Ontario Favourites:

Food Availability
Sweet Potatoes Year-round
Carrots Year-round
Cucumber (greenhouse) Year-round
Mushrooms Year-round
Potatoes Year-round
Garlic Almost year-round
Beets Almost year-round
Pears (August-Dec)
Squash Almost year-round
Cauliflower Almost year-round
Lettuce (greenhouse) Year-round
Onions (cooking) Year-round
Cabbage Year-round (except May)
Parsnips Almost year-round
Peppers Almost year-round
Eggs Year-round
Milk Year-round
Beef Year-round
Tomatoes (greenhouse) Almost year-round
Maple Syrup Year-round

*Based on Foodland Ontario availability guide

Get Inspired!

Take advantage of fresh seasonal foods this fall and all year-round!

  1. Check where food is produced and how far it has traveled.
  2. Buy foods in season to reduce your food cost since these foods are often on sale.
  3. Preserve seasonal foods by freezing or canning. I encourage clients to batch cook and freeze for quick meals.  Another tip to take advantage of the fresh vegetables (green beans, broccoli or rapini) is to blanch and store into portioned freezer bags to use throughout the year.



Pickle Jars


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Bottom Line:

Hope you all enjoy the fall season and take advantage of the freshest fall foods!  Take time to meal plan and prioritize eating well to achieve your best health.

Bon Appétit!