Hosting a Holiday Party?

Hosting a Holiday Party

Hosting a Holiday Party?

During the month of December I am seeing numerous clients who are either hosting or attending a holiday party.   And of course, we know that this often entails drinking and being merry.  Similarly, the reality is that there will be an over abundance of food during this time of celebration. However, these gatherings may correspondingly lead to feelings of gluttony and guilt.

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This article is dedicated to those who wonder if they can host a holiday party healthfully while they themselves are trying to follow a ‘healthy diet’. The answer is an astounding YES!

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Here are some tips for you, the holiday host or hostess:

1. Smaller serving plates:

Scientifically, we know that people will put more food on a larger plate and consequently eat more.  So help your guests eat less by offering smaller serving dishes.


2. Veggie trays and lots of them!  

Fresh, sliced veggies are a great addition to any meal and can be very enticing when they are cut, washed and served on a plentiful platter. So provide ample colourful veggies for your guests.
Watermelon blueberries raspberries

3. Cut sandwiches or meal portions into smaller sizes 

If you are serving pizza or pulled pork sandwiches – think sampler, slider sizes respectively.

4. Jugs of water available 

Again, you want to encourage water consumption to slow down the amount of caloric beverages consumed (eggnog, alcohol, juice etc.). Presentation is key.  A beautiful jug of water with fancy ice cubes with lemon wedges will be very alluring to your guests to keep them hydrated

Lime water

5. Avoid keeping conversation centred around the food

 Instead, place food to the side so your guests can re-fill their plate as desired.

Bottom Line:

These are small, very subtle tricks that are healthful ways to decrease total caloric intake.  Remember that most of our holiday feasting is mindlessly encouraged by smallsubtle environmental cues or visual prompts.   I am sure your guests will be happy if they consume even 200 fewer calories in an evening at your place courtesy of these suggestions 🙂

Most of our holiday feasting is mindlessly encourages by small, subtle cues! Follow these tricks to consume fewer calories and enjoy the holiday! Click To Tweet

Happy hosting!