How much coffee is too much?

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

How much coffee is too much?

Welcome to part two of my blog series on coffee and caffeine.  This topic has been inspired by many of my clients in private practice who have expressed legitimate concern wondering if they drink too much coffee.  Therefore, today we will delve into Health Canada recommendations for daily caffeine limit and I will breakdown the caffeine content in common beverages!

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How much Caffeine is Safe to Consume?

Much research has been done on the health effects of coffee and the consensus has been reached that ‘when consumed in moderation’, there do not appear to be adverse affects to our overall health.   In fact, as discussed in my previous post, there appear to be various health benefits attributed to your cup of regular coffee or even decaf coffee!

Here are Health Canada’s caffeine limits:
Men and Women 19 and older: 400mg daily
Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women: 300mg daily


Beverage Size Caffeine (mg)
Tim Hortons Coffee Medium (14 oz) 200
Tim Hortons Coffee Large (20 oz) 240
Starbucks Brewed Coffee Tall (12 oz) 260
Starbucks Brewed Coffee Grande (16 oz) 330
Starbucks Brewed Coffee Venti (22 oz) 415
Tim Hortons Decaffeinated Coffee Medium (14 oz) 12
Tim Hortons Decaffeinated Coffee Large (20 oz) 15
 Starbucks Decaffeinated Coffee Tall (12 oz) 20
Starbucks Tazo Black or Chai Tea Latte Grande (16 oz)  100
Tim Hortons Steeped tea Medium (14 oz) 120
Starbucks Cappuccino Tall (12 oz) 75
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Bottom Line:

Caffeine is safe when consumed in ‘moderation’.  Be mindful when estimating your caffeine intake since coffee mugs and cups are often large sizes.  It is important to highlight as well that decaf does not mean ‘caffeine free’.  If you are drinking coffee in excess (above the recommended limits) it is advised to cut down, as the negative effects of caffeine tend to emerge with excessive drinking.