Increase Magnesium in your Diet!

Increase Magnesium in your Diet

Increase Magnesium in your Diet!

In my last post I explored the ‘Forgotten Mineral Magnesium’ and the numerous health benefits.  Now that you understand the importance of magnesium for your health, let’s explore some of the best dietary sources to increase magnesium!

Note:  Percent Daily Value = (% DV) is the percentage of the recommended amount of a vitamin or mineral in your diet.

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1.    Nuts and Seeds!

Filled with heart healthy fats, nuts and seeds are a healthy addition to your diet and a super source of magnesium:

Pumpkin seeds (1/4 cup) = 187mg (58%)

Brazil nuts (1/4 cup) = 133mg (38% DV)

Almonds, roasted (1/4 cup) = 110mg (31% DV)


Almonds magnesium


 2.    Eat your Greens!  

Looking for a reason to add fresh spinach salads, sautéed kale or steamed Swiss Chard to your dinner?  Check out all the magnesium:

Spinach, Boiled (1/2 cup) = 83mg (24% daily value)

Swiss Chard, boiled (1/2 cup) = 80mg (23%)

Edamame, soybeans (1/2 cup) =52mg  (15% DV)


Spinach magnesium


3.    Beans and Lentils:

These great vegetarian protein sources are also very high in magnesium:

White beans (3/4 cup) = 99mg (28%)

Baked beans (3/4 cup) = 80mg (23%)

Chickpeas (3/4 cup) = 51mg (15%)

 Lentils high in magnesium

Bottom Line:

As you can see above, emphasizing a plant based diet rich in colourful vegetables and protein alternatives is an excellent way to meet your dietary magnesium needs!  Trust me, your heart will thank you for it.  Remember that it is always best to go with food sources first instead of choosing vitamin supplements.  Be sure to speak with a Registered Dietitian before taking magnesium supplements to guard against excessive consumption, possible drug interactions and unfavourable side effects.

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