Shrimp & Tofu Green Curry

Tofu Green Curry

Shrimp & Tofu Green Curry

Does making homemade green curry intimidate you? Curries often scared me until I discovered that these dishes can be made quite simply with basic ingredients. Curries also offer flexibility to use up veggies you have on hand and modify the recipe with your choice of protein. With a busy schedule, curries are especially helpful when planning leftovers for lunches, dinners later in the week or freezer meals.


Serves: 3-4

Prep time: 10-15 minutes

Cook time: 30-40 minutes



1 cup of brown rice


2 tbsp canola oil

1 350 or 450-gram block of extra firm tofu, pressed & cut into thin slices

2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 tbsp ginger, minced

1 small onion, finely chopped

1 bell pepper, sliced

1 cup large mushrooms, sliced

1 cup broccoli, sliced into pieces

1 cup of shrimp, uncooked


Green Curry Sauce:

1 – 400mL can coconut milk

2 tbsp Green curry paste (can buy in a small jar in ethnic section)


Optional Garnish: Lime wedges and cilantro or parsley


Shrimp & Tofu Green Curry Instructions:

  1. Cook brown rice according to package instructions. This can be done in advance if you prefer.
  2. Remove tofu from the liquid in package. Press the block with a paper towel to remove excess liquid. Cut tofu into small pieces. Click here for a great article on cooking tofu.
  3. In an extra-large fry pan, heat oil over medium heat. Add sliced tofu to hot pan and toss to coat in the oil. Stir to prevent burning and cook for about five minutes until golden brown and slightly crispy. Set cooked tofu aside in a bowl.
  4. In an extra-large fry pan, heat oil and add garlic, ginger and onion. Sauté for a minute or two until slightly softened.
  5. Toss broccoli, peppers, mushrooms into the fry pan. Add additional oil if needed and pinch of salt to pull out the flavours.
  6. When veggies are softened, add shrimp and toss to coat with oil for two to three minutes until the shrimp cook and change colour to pinkish. Return cooked tofu to veggie mix.
  7. Pour a can of coconut milk into the veggies and stir to combine ingredients.
  8. Add two tablespoons of green curry paste. Stir to combine flavours. Allow curry to heat on medium-high for about three to five minutes.
  9. Top a bed of brown rice with shrimp, tofu, veggies in your green curry sauce.


Finally, garnish with cilantro or parsley and lime wedges.


How do you enjoy making curries? Any favourite ingredients?