We are Wasting Good Food!

We are Wasting Good Food!

So you made a little too much rice for dinner last night. What did you do with it?  Save it in the fridge, or toss it in the garbage?  According the Ontario-Based Value Chain Management Centrehousehold food waste outweighs the waste from transport and distribution, food service, packaging and processing, retail stores and field combined!

An estimated 27 BILLION DOLLARS of food is wasted in Canada every year AND over half comes from our own household! This waste does not include the foods that are forgotten in the back of the fridge and thrown out because of mold; food waste is the loss or discarding of food that is suitable for human consumption.

With an estimated 860 million people suffering from malnutrition in the world, why are we throwing out all this perfectly good food?  Some argue that the Canadian attitude has shifted to one of abundance and affluence, while others argue that this excessive waste is due to the poor planning and shopping habits of Canadians. No matter the cause, it’s time to make a change.

So what can YOU do? 

1) Take stock before you shop:  

Knowing what you have and what you need before you shop is essential to avoid duplicates and to avoid waste. If you already have tomatoes, simply don’t buy more until you need them.

2) Plan your meals:  

Decide what you are going to eat in advance in order to reduce impulse buys. Therefore, you will only be purchasing what you will use in the near future.

3) Don’t assume you need to buy in bulk:

Buying in bulk may help you save money, unless you end up throwing away half of the product!  Be cautious and pre-portion what you can eat for a single meal.

4) Don’t toss your fruits and veggies: 

Combine your extra vegetables to make a hearty soup or stew and then freeze the excess.  Additionally, you can use your fruits and overripe bananas in baking, muffins or in a smoothie.

Bottom Line:

I hope you feel empowered to make changes in order to cut down on your household food waste.  Moreover, imagine the cost savings on our grocery bill and the bonus of not needlessly wasting food.