Bored of Veggies? Try them Roasted!

Bored of Veggies? Try them Roasted!

According to Statistics Canada, approximately half of Canadians consume less than five serving of fruits and vegetables daily. We are generally aware of the health benefits associated with vegetable consumption, like reducing the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.  So why are we not taking full advantage of these low calorie, fibre-packed, nutrient-dense (and not to mention tasty) little wonders?  Perhaps we are feeling uninspired in the kitchen? Perhaps we are feeling tight on time? Maybe we have simply never tried roasting vegetables?


Approx. 1/2 of Canadians consume less than 5 serving of fruits and veg daily (Stats Canada). Click To Tweet


If you are unfamiliar, roasting simply means to cook in an oven using dry heat. Roasting browns the surface of the food, which leads to new flavours and intensified aromas!

Roasted vegetables are a great dinner option if you are coming home and need to do other things (like cleaning, doing a quick workout or helping someone). Roasted veggies also make great leftovers that can be used in sauces, in sandwiches or on top of personal pizzas.

Time Saving Tip: Plan to cut your vegetables ahead of time. This way you can swiftly toss them with oil and spices (and maybe a little salt and pepper) before popping them in the oven. Easy, right?!  I tend to cut veggies while talking on the phone or listening to music or TV.



In case you’re wondering….

Are raw vegetables healthier than cooked?

Contrary to popular belief, raw vegetables are not healthier than cooked.  This is because cooking breaks down the plant cell walls and releases antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein. This is why one cup of cooked spinach has almost triple the calcium (260mg) compared to three cups of raw spinach (90mg calcium).


Contrary to popular belief, raw vegetables are not healthier than cooked. Click To Tweet


The only concern with cooking vegetables is the amount of water you are using. Boiling vegetables in water can cause vitamins like folate, thiamin and vitamin C to dissolve into water. Steaming vegetables is a better alternative since less water is involved and less vitamins lost.

Roasting vegetables uses dry heat and does not require any water, therefore minimizing nutrient loss. Roasting also helps to preserve more nutrients than boiling, not to mention the delicious taste, crunch and easy preparation.



Some of my favourite roast veggies recipes!

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Bottom Line:

If you have never tried roasting vegetables you are missing out on a delicious and healthy treat!  Plan ahead so that you can pop those veggies into the oven without delay. Don’t forget to flip the veggies during cooking so they cook evenly. Enjoy your veggies and with the endless possibilities, you will never get bored!