To buffet or not to buffet?

Buffet or Not

To buffet or not to buffet?

During the holiday season, you might be gathering with friends or family over a shared meal. To avoid cooking at home, you may opt for something like an‘all you can eat buffet’.  This made me ponder, to buffet or not to buffet, and is it possible to stick to a healthy diet while dining as this type of restaurant?

My gut instinct was that eating at a buffet facilitatesover-indulging and possibly in a subconscious effort to get the ‘best value for our money’.

That being said, if you are at a buffet (by choice or otherwise), there are some simple tips and tricks to help you consume less.  I promise, your waistline will thank you!

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1. Never go to a buffet hungry! 

Have a small carbohydrate snack (piece of fruit or 5 crackers) beforehand so that you are not ravenous to the point where you will overeat.

2. Have a salad for your first course: 

Choosing leafy green veggies topped with a sprinkling of nuts, seeds and croutons with a light vinaigrette dressing helps to decrease the amount you will consume for your main entree.


Vegetable salad

3. Just a taste:

Have small samplings of foods that appeal to you and you may go back for a larger helping if desired.

4. Don’t clean your plate:

Despite the fact this goes against everything that your mother told you…you do not have to finish everything on your plate.

5. Slow down! 

Fastest eater gets the most and this is because your brain is not registering how much you are actually consuming! By slowing down you will be more likely to enjoy the meal and this allows for more meal time conversation with your friends.

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6. Choose water: 

That’s right, we do not want to drink our calories as well as consume them. Avoid fruit juices, pops and alcoholic beverages, which are loaded with empty calories.

7. One dessert, or two: 

Do not be afraid to cut the slice of pie or cake in half or share with a friend

 Tiramisu dessert

Bottom Line:

I hope you find these pointers helpful if you are at a buffet this holiday season and will be able to think twice before falling into yet another over-eating trap.