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Family dinner

What ever happened to family dinners?

Remember when we used to sit down as a family for meals? We would candidly talk about our day and enjoy each others’ company? Whatever happened to those days?  It seems that today with our “jam-packed” schedules many of us are now unable to find the time to enjoy a meal together.  It has been reported by the National Family Mealtime Survey that 20% of families eat together one or fewer times per week AND of those who did eat together, 75% ate while watching TV!  Are you part of this startling statistic?  It’s sad to think that family dinners, which were once common, are becoming scarce.  Have you taken the steps necessary to...

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Nutrition Info menu board

Should Nutrition Info be on Menu Boards?

Take a moment and think about a BigMac – that extraordinarily popular hamburger produced by the fast food king, McDonalds.  Now, how much do you REALLY know about the BigMac? Can you estimate how many calories it contains? How about the grams of fat? Amount of sodium? Can you estimate how many calories are in your favourite fast food burger? Click To Tweet The Answer:  540 calories, 29g of fat and 1,020mg of sodium So, how did your answers match up? Research has shown that consumers are prone to underestimate the number of calories in restaurant food items. Surprised? Are you one of these people? If it makes you feel better, even nutrition professionals tend...

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Gluten Free

Thinking about Going GLUTEN FREE?

It seems that going Gluten Free (GF) is the newest fad diet overtaking our society!  In practice, I see countless clients questioning if they should start a GF diet after hearing claims that ‘going gluten-free’ helps you to lose weight or simply start ‘feeling better’. First, it is imperative that we understand what it exactly means to be gluten free. What food items contain gluten? You'll be surprised! Click To Tweet   What is a Gluten Free Diet? As the name suggests, a Gluten Free diet is one free of gluten; however, cutting out gluten means a lot more than simply cutting out the wheat in your bread and pasta .   GF includes all forms of wheat, rye and barley including (but not limited to): • Spelt • Kamut • Triticale • Oats •...

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Starting a BLOG!

Greetings Foodies! Welcome my brand new blog for Dietetic Directions!  My goal is simply to inspire positive eating and lifestyle changes by updating readers with new information from the 'ever-changing' world of food and nutrition. In my private practice, I consult clients on topics such as: food allergies, hypersensitivties, gastrointestinal concerns, weight management, along with healthy eating for the whole family.  I help clients to navigate the road to their best health. Support is here and trusted information is available. Happy 'Healthy' Reading! Sincerely, Andrea D'Ambrosio, RD...

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